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Statistic compilation program for SBS
version 0.1.0
Build Date: 09/20/2006

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What's New:
Wednesday, September 20, 2006

SBS Encyclopedia 0.1.0 released! This is a new utility that will allow users to import SBS replay statistic files into an Access (.mdb) database and generate new .dat files as well as websites.
This utility has it's own page, which is here.

SBS Encyclopedia


Windows XP or higher for the Operating System. Otherwise, the .NET framework 2.0 is required. The package is not included, but can be downloaded from Microsoft and possibly can even be downloaded through Windows Update. If any problems come up, e-mail me. Also, you'll need to have D.B. Schmidt's Strategic Baseball Simulator Version 4.8 or higher. Support for older versions is not available at this time.

All database files that are required will be created as needed.


To install SBS Encyclopedia, unzip the file to a temporary directory. Omce this is completed, navigate to the folder the zip file was extracted to and run setup.exe. Just go through the setup program and that's it!

To Uninstall:

Go to the Add/Remove programs dialog in the Control Panel and run the uninstall from there.

Using SBS Encyclopedia:

Please read the readme.html that is linked to in the download section. This program is fairly simple to run, so this includes just a light description to get started.

Download Section

Please read this before downloading!

TitleDescriptionVersionDateSize - Zip/Unzip
SBS EncyclopediaStatistic Compilation Program for SBS0.1.009/20/2006390k / ----
SBS EncyclopediaStatistic Compilation Program for SBS0.5.008/12/2009117k / 476k
ReadmeInstructions for using SBS Encyclopedia0.1.009/20/2006---


Please use the guidelines in the readme/help files found in the contact info, thanks.

Run SBS Copyright 2000-2006, B. Bollman
SBS Copyright 1988-2006, D.B. Schmidt